Some of our favorites from the ABC Kids Expo

With over 5000 vendors at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville this year, it’s not easy to choose our favorites. But we managed to single a few out. Our team this year consisted of Alan, Melissa, Nan and Kerri (me, The Maven) and our official product testers: Quincy, Sebby and Marlee (pictured below).

In no particular order, here are some of our favorites from the show.

Alan was drawn to the bookshelves, desks and chairs at Jekca. Awesome, utilitarian furniture made out of some very familiar looking building blocks. Kid safe plastic screw connectors make your inspirations permanent and durable. Creativity, spatial skills, mathematics that go into building aesthetically pleasing furniture are all reasons to love Jekca.

Scandinavian Child
From their babycarriers to their stunning highchairs, we’re big fans of Scandinavian Child. The Babycook has been a great addition to our kitchen too – from Quincy’s first applesauce to pesto for the whole family. We got some sneak peeks of what is to come in 2012 and we cannot wait!


Melissa and Kerri with Lisbeth, the president of lillebaby

One afternoon as we were finishing up at lunch, two exhibitors walked by and caught my son’s attention with what they were carrying – adorable stuffed animals adorned with letters of the alphabet. We found out the were called “Alphabeasts” and they were an instant hit. Alphabeasts help teach the alphabet, a foundation to learning success! All our little testers LOVED them!

Marlee was lucky enough to get a Hevea pacifier this week. There was no hesitation at all, she tried the pacifier and loved it…hasn’t given it up since. We love that these awesome pacifiers are 100% natural rubber, are one piece AND have no plastic which means no nasty chemicals in or near Marlee’s mouth and face. On top of all of that for every pacifier sold $1 is donated to the CJ foundation for SIDS. We can’t wait to get more of these pacifiers and the matching Pacifier clip! To us this is a win all around.

Organic Kidz
These beautiful stainless steel bottles by Organic Kidz (yes we called a bottle beautiful) are fantastic looking as well as functional. This was the first stainless bottle that I have used and I wouldn’t choose another. I love that the bottle has a sippy spout to transition to when your baby is done with the bottle you just pop the sippy spout into the bottle rim and you are done…no more bottles in the trash. The only question I had was if you need to measure  how do you go about that. Well it turns out the the top for the bottle is pre-measured for 2 oz, nice and simple! See I told you beautiful, functional and smart! (Melissa)

Other favorites was the newly launched Grapple. The Grapple is a tether to keep your little ones toys from falling to the floor – it suctions to the table top.  Toys are within reach! Super cool idea and it looks like an apple! Grapple has been tested in an independent safety lab and meets the safety standards of the CPSIA and ASTM.

Little Partners
When walking by the Little Partners booth we spied a high chair attachment on the Learning Tower!!!! Genius! Our favorite step-stool and secret fort just got that much cooler. AND their new playhouse kit? It’s fabric! Sooooo awesome! (We didn’t take any photos, sorry, so you’ll have to believe us!)

Need pain management? We loved Buzzy. Buzzy takes the sting out of shots using gate theory, descending inhibitory controls and distraction. It’s not just for little ones either, even adults need a distraction from vaccinations and daily injections.

Fisher Price
The Laugh & Learn Apptivity™ case from Fisher Price is pure genius. Easy to hold, drool proof, and no unwanted calls to your attorney from your preschooler (true story) we love this iPhone/iPod case. It even comes with three free downloadable apps.

We’ve been coveting this cool set of wheels from 4moms since we first saw the prototype of the Orgami at ABC Kids in 2009.  A stroller that folds itself, powers your iPod and has daytime running lights? Not to mention it’s sleek design and smart safety features. It has weight sensors so your toddler (or someone else) can’t fold the stroller up with your baby in the seat!

We also want to thank Britax for saving the day when Melissa’s B-Agile had an unfortunate accident (likely with baggage claim) and they graciously gave her a new B-Ready for the show. The B-Ready is a dream to push and with it’s 14+ configurations it’s a fabulous ride!

Other brands worth mentioning:

clek (we saw their new convertible seat, the foonf, but that’s all we can tell you)
gDiapers (we’re sworn to secrecy on the new prints)
Summer Infant (look for our review on the prodigy – coming soon!)
Mamas and Papas (ohhh the new bouncer coming next spring!)

We could keep going. We met with lots of our favorite brands and saw some really amazing things at ABC in Louisville and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Next year, though, we might come armed with granola bars!


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  1. We received Alphabeasts as a gift for my son. 4 monsters that spell his name, Ryan. They are awesome!!!

  2. Gerald Vonberger says:

    These are some really cool products! I’ve been hearing a lot about this expo lately. It seems like a good place to find all the newest kid-centered products. My wife and I are expecting a baby in the next couple of months, so it would be great to get a head start on some of these things.

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