SparkGift and the 4 Gift Rule

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We’ve all heard of the 4 gift rule right?
1. Something they want
2. Something they need
3. Something to wear
4. Something to read

It’s something I’ve been meaning to start with my kids. As a blogger, we get a lot of amazing opportunities, so I think it’s time to tame back Christmas. Because it’s pretty ridiculous around here.

The “Something they want” is easy peasy. I know EXACTLY what Quincy and Sebby want because they both tell me 9290382019 times a day. Yes, I’m glad Edison hasn’t quite figured that out yet. We always buy Christmas Jammies and books, so that part isn’t so bad either. Wear and read done, boom!
We are also fortunate that we have family that contribute to their savings accounts, so I want to do something a little different with the “need.”

This year? I’m doing SparkGift.

SparkGift is cool y’all! Sebby doesn’t know it yet, but he owns a piece of Disney. I think this may be opening a can of worms because I know he’s going to want me to buy sparks all of the time. Good thing I can start small!


SparkGift is the first platform to make it easy to give stocks and index funds as gifts. SparkGift supports fractional shares which means you can give $20 (and up to $2000) of Apple, Google, Vanguard fund, and more. You can SparkGift charges a fee of $2.95 + 3%. Gift recipients pay nothing to redeem their gift and hold their investments. From now until January 2016, SparkGift will charge only $2.95 for gifts up to $100. SparkGift creates a gift certificate and notifies the recipient that they have received this gift. From their they can sign in, and monitor their investments. So not only is SparkGift a great way to fill the “Need” of the 4 gift rule, but you can also help your kids learn about investments.

Another cool feature of SparkGift is their gift registry program. You can set up a gift registry for your child, with specific companies you want to invest in, or just buy general shares.
Here’s how it works:
1. Create an account on
2. Click on “my gifting page” and you will see your default gift registry
3. Customize the page for your event. Include a picture, custom message and your
chosen investments
4. Share the page! Friends and family can give a gift directly from the gift registry page
5. Example page HERE:


See how easy that is? I’ll be setting up registries for all of my kids, so when we occasionally have a little extra, we can contribute to their funds, just a few dollars at a time.

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What shares will you choose for your SparkGift?

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