10 Essentials of Summer Days with Snacks, Lightsticks and Stylish Baby Wipes

School is out in one week. We don’t have any major vacation plans this summer. No trips to Disney, no long flights through multiple airports across the country. This summer, for the most part, we are staying home.

However, we live in Seattle, so we are surrounded by lots of great day activities and weekend road trips. Sometimes we might venture out of our backyard. Either way, here is a list of 10 essentials of summer days, no matter where you are headed.

I’d like to thank Huggies for sponsoring today’s discussion on day and weekend trip essentials. One of them is baby wipes, and not just any baby wipes, but stylish baby wipes.

1. Tylenol
School’s out. You’d think the kids would be happy right? Ha. Nope. Instead they are screaming and fighting because they can’t get away from each other. So whether you are going to the zoo or the zoo is in your backyard, you’re going to need something for that headache.

2. Bubbles
Let’s be honest, summer = bubbles. You’ll go through a lot of them. Get a small bottle and keep it in your purse, diaper bag, glove box. Get a big bottle to keep at home for home shenanigans and refills. Get extra blowy sticks. You can thank me later.

3. Printables
Okay, if you don’t know what printables are, you need to go back and take Mom 101. Basically they are coloring pages and other activities you can find online. Some printers, like the HP ENVY are printable ready. How cool is that. Anyway, if it’s a rainy day or you have to go sit somewhere, print a few of these bad boys out and get yourself a box of crayons.

4. Snacks
Not just any snacks. When you head out the door for day or weekend trips, pack snacks that aren’t in normal rotation. Those snack size bags of Cheetos your kids always beg you for? They are the perfect bribe treat for getting a little radio silence.

Consider individual labeled bins in the refrigerator with kids snacks, and separate snack packs on trips. No more fighting over snacks!

5. Lightsticks
Hello. These are cooler than cool. Whether you’re in a hotel room or camping in the back yard, these things are fun! And at the summer fireworks? They are way safer than those pesky sparklers, which are actually illegal in so many places. Just keep them away from the littles. They shouldn’t chew on them. And heaven forbid, if you need em, they make a great emergency light.

6. Water Gear
Keep water gear all in one spot. Water balloons, squirt guns, towels, swimsuits all in a tub. If you are feeling really prepared you can have one tub for the car and one at home.

7. Maps
If you’re going on a weekend getaway, get a map for your older kids so they can track your progress. Mark off stops on the way. That way if the can we stop for XYZ questions start too soon, you can ask them to check the map.

8. Water
This should be a no brainer. If you’re at play at home or on the road, you need to make sure you’re drinking enough water. It’s summer.It’s easy to forget to drink when you’re having fun, so don’t forget your water. Have a bottle for everyone!

9. Surprise bags
Put together kits that have items designed for each kid,as well as a kit for the whole family. Whether you are on the road or away, these can be lots of fun for everyone. Just have the kits opened/brought out at a predetermined time by another parent ally.

10. Stylish Baby Wipes
With a little one still in diapers, baby wipes are an essential. And when they come in a cute case, making them stylish baby wipes, even dad is willing to change them. Baby wipes are essential for cleaning up bums, spilled bubbles and even those yellow Cheetos fingers. They are, perhaps, the most essential thing on this list.

Stylish Baby Wipes

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  1. That clutch is too cute and we never go anywhere without baby wipes! From the park to the mall, they are great to always have on hand!

  2. My kids are 8, 13, and 15 and I STILL take baby wipes with us everywhere in the car, I love those styles, they are really cute and don’t scream “baby wipe!” you know what I mean. My oldest uses them for makeup remover so she’d be okay with them in her athletic bag and bathroom kit!

  3. I love that they came out with stylish baby wipes! I take them everywhere with me!

  4. My daughter hasnt been in diapers for two years and we STILL carry baby wipes. They’re such a multi-purpose item it would be silly not to.

  5. Ohh, stylish wipes! Love it! I always carry something for a headache in the summer. That way, if mom is happy, everyone is happy!

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