OPEN UP™ and get Sinus Headache Relief

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sudafed.

Sinus Headache Relief
You know the feeling. The fog. The stuffed head. The strange color, well, you know. It all adds up to what I refer to as the holiday crud. I get it every few years. Ever since I started getting sinus infections in college I’ve always loathed the sinus headache. It’s eveeeeeeeel. Debilitating. It renders me useless. And unfortunately, if it hits our house, we all get it.

In college Sudafed was my best friend. It gave me sinus headache relief and helped me get through Organic Chemistry labs and Macro Economics with less suffering.(Well, at least the sinus headache part) But something changed when I started having kids and I can’t take it anymore. Sad.

But we still keep Sudafed in the house for my husband, and when the holiday crud hits, I look longingly at his box of sweet sinus headache and congestion relief. It’s just not fair!

So, in my solace, with stuffed head, I found my way over to Sudafed’s OPEN UP™ application on Facebook I found other sufferers, like me, who while using Sudafed also found other ways to relieve that darn sinus pressure and congestion.

Sinus Headache Relief

Ways to find sinus headache relief

1.) Take a decongestant like Sudafed to bring sinus pressure and headache relief.
2.) Drink hot tea with lemon and honey. If you can handle it, add a small sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Maybe it sounds a bit nuts but this natural remedy really helps. 3.) Make sure you are drinking enough water, Sinus congestion makes you feel cruddy, and not drinking enough water is just going to make you feel worse.
4.) Sit down at your kitchen or dining room table with a large bowl of very hot water. Lean over the bowl, covering your head and the bowl with a towel, and let the steam work it’s magic. Not only will this help with your congestion but your skin will like it too, which is a real plus.
5.) Give yourself some acupressure. I’m not an expert, so you’ll have to rely on Dr. Google for the exact points, but a bit of acupressure really does help.
6.) Make sure you REST. Even with the best treatment if you don’t rest you’re going to stay sick.
7.) Log on to Sudafed’s OPEN UP™ application on Facebook and open up[ to others about your sinus woes. You aren’t alone.

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Sudafed knows that suffering from sinus pressure and pain can leave individuals feeling crushed, beat down, congested and even squeezed, desperately looking for a way to open up. Serious sinus sufferers are invited to creatively share how their sinus pain and pressure looks and feels to them by using Sudafed’s OPEN UP™ application on Facebook.

Then, beginning on December 2, the Sudafed Facebook community will vote for one of five finalist sketches that best illustrates the pains of sinus pressure. The winner will receive $5,000 and a chance to have their work included in a Sudafed advertising campaign. For more information, visit the Sudafed Facebook page.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sudafed.

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  1. The sudafed that you have to get at the pharmacy by giving your ID is awesome.

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