Taco burgers stuffed with Tillamook Cheese!

My friends at Tillamook Cheese emailed me recently about a few blog projects and I chatted with them about a Cinco de Mayo recipe. They sent me some coupons to use but the recipe never happened. It’s still in my head.

Well, over the weekend I made these AMAZING Taco burgers stuffed with Tillamook Cheese. Let me tell you, they were delicious and the perfect end to my Mother’s Day!

taco burger

Taco Burgers stuffed with Tillamook Cheese

1 lb of ground beef
packet of taco seasoning
1/2 cup-3/4 cup shredded mexican blend Tillamook Cheese
salsa of your choice
hamburger buns (we used the Franz Gluten Free)

Mix the ground beef and taco seasoning. Form your meat into several flat patties and place on a plate. Place a pile of shredded Tillamook Cheese in the center of your hamburger patty and place another on top, sealing the edges. Don’t make the patties to big or your burgers will be huge! Cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap for a few hours to let the taco seasonings infuse into the meat.

tillamook cheese

When it’s time for dinner, preheat your grill a little before placing the burgers on it. I’m a big believer in low and slow, it allows the burgers to cook throughly without scorching or burning, and more importantly, it means the cheese you’ve placed inside will melt oh so nicely.

low and slow

Be patient! Don’t turn up your grill. Trust me on this one. If you’re patient and let your burgers slowly cook to a nice medium temperature you’ll end up with amazing taco burgers. With perfectly melted Tillamook Cheese on the inside.

melted tillamook cheese

Once your burgers are done and your Tillamook Cheese is ooey gooey melting out, put them on your buns and top with the salsa of your choice. The result is the most yummy taco burgers! You may never go out for burgers again. Mmmmm!

Please note: Tillamook graciously sent me some coupons for me to use. This recipe is 100% my own creation, along with the photos. Please do not use them without my explicit permission.

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  1. My husband needs to get a grill STAT so he can make these for me!

  2. Hubby would love something like this! I will have to show him your recipe when he gets home and add it to our menu!

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