Meet 2017 Girl of the Year: Gabriela McBride

Gabriela Girl of of the Year

Have you heard about the 2017 Girl of the Year? Her name is Gabriela McBride! For the first time ever, the Girl of the Year at American Girl will be available from 2017 and beyond. We’re looking forward to learning more about Gabriela, read her stories and play with her performance accessories! Check out her […]

American Girl Inspired Adventure Scrapbook

Quincy and Lea Clark, Girl of the Year

Have you met Lea Clark, American Girl’s 2016 GOTY! We made a fun adventure scrapbook full of photos of our adventures with her.

Meet Lea, American Girl’s 2016 Girl of the Year!

Ever since first introducing Quincy to American Girl a few years ago, I eagerly await for a special email introducing me  the new American Girl for the next year. I can’t tell you how excited I am that it’s Lea Clark! And she’s simply adorable! Look at her long wavy hair and warm hazel eyes! Our […]