Reasons why small businesses and bloggers need private cloud storage

Thanks to Western Digital for sponsoring today’s discussion and also providing me a My Cloud EX2 to use and review. Oh the irony. I had this post nearly all the way written and “save draft” failed on Word Press. A small blip in lost data, but a blip nevertheless. It’s not something that could have […]

About those personal posts…

Writing has always been personal for me. Outside of a college thesis or four, so much of my writing stemmed from long winded letters to boyfriends, usually in college, though I do admit a high school beau or two received the then handwritten stacks of paper, folded and shoved in an envelope. Poor souls receiving […]

I’m hoping to spend Mother’s Day Weekend in Bentonville. #LuvSoFab14

Send The Maven to SoFabCon #LuvSoFab14

My dear husband, This Mother’s Day weekend. I think I’d like to do something for me. Sorry honey – did I mention you’ll have the kids  to yourself? And since my birthday is right afterwards on May 13, can we just chalk this up to a birthday present? There’s good news for you, the only […]