Thor: The Dark World DELETED SCENE

You might remember I took a trip to see the Thor: The Dark World premier last November.Now available on Blu-Dvd Combo pack I've been enjoying watching the film again!Here is a clip from a … [Read more...]

Three great Disney Classics!

It's time to add three great Disney movies to your collection! Released on August 6th, Disney's The Sword In The Stone, Robin Hood & Oliver and Company are three favorites that will be a great … [Read more...]

Oz isn’t just for the kiddos.

I may have mentioned that the kids have been watching Minnie's Wizard of Dizz pretty much non stop this week. Lucky for Alan and I, we were able to enjoy some Oz of our own. We missed Oz the Great and … [Read more...]

Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check Up!

With all the rain we've been happy, I was pretty to receive a copy of Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check Up from Click Communications on behalf of Walt Disney Pictures!We're new fans of Doc in … [Read more...]

Princess time: Sofia the First

Much to Quincy's delight, we were giving a copy of Sofia the First to review. It's a delightful story that's full of singing (one of Quincy's favorite things to do) and surprises. It's been a real hit … [Read more...]

Wreck It Ralph is probably Sebby’s new favorite movie!

Disney's awesome animated feature Wreck It Ralph hit stores on Tuesday on Blu-Ray but we've had our sneak peek copy for a little over two weeks now. And I've probably seen it 20 or 30 times. At least. … [Read more...]

Stay up past your bedtime with Peter Pan!

We stayed up late to watch Peter Pan, which made its debut on Blu-ray on February 5th!We received some dress up goodies to celebrate while we watched the film. Needless to say, the kids got a kick … [Read more...]

Are you BRAVE? – Here are some fun activities from the film!

About the Film Disney•Pixar will be releasing BRAVE, the year’s #1 animated movie and Pixar Animation Studio’s 13th consecutive hit, on November 13, 2012. An original and thrilling journey set in the … [Read more...]

People Like Us and girls night

A few weeks ago, I had some girlfriends over for a movie and pizza night while my husband went out with the guys. Seems totally fair, right?I bought taco fixins and we loaded up our plates and … [Read more...]

The Great Mouse Detective now available on Blu-Ray & HD Digital!

I love classic Disney movies, and The Great Mouse Detective is no different. The music, the characters, all of it reminds me of my childhood. Quincy loved this movie, and we got lots of requests for … [Read more...]

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends now on DVD! {download activities}

Chuck is our favorite little dumptruck! He hangs out on our train table with his friends Thomas and Lightening. Which means the idea of having The Adventures of Chuck & Friends on DVD was a … [Read more...]