Spoil Your Cat With a Pull N Play Wobbert and Ropes #MostPlayfulCat

Spoil your cat with a Pull N Play!

I have the best kitties ever! Nixie and Milo are really wonderful kitties. They may not be super snuggly or lapcats, but we love them. So we obviously find ways to spoil them. From treats to cozy beds, it’s important to spoil your cat!

The Ultimate Cat Sitting Checklist

Sleeping Nixie #PerfectPortions AD

Stop worrying about leaving your cats behind with this Ultimate Cat Sitting Checklist full of tips on what information you should leave for your cat sitter. #PerfectPortions ad

Everything You Need for A Catio

Happy kitties on their catio #LitterOdorRevolution {ad}

The Catio: The Ultimate Outdoor Enclosure for your favorite feline. Does you have everything you need for your catio? Don’t miss this post, for your cats sake.

15 Reasons to Own a Cat

Nixie and Milo

Not convinced cats are for you? Check out my reasons to own a cat, you just might change your mind about having a feline presence in your home. Plus, to celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month this June, we have a fun giveaway from Cat’s Pride including Cat’s Pride Litter, a Vera Bradley bag and cat toys!

Purina Inspired Pet Gifts


Thanks to Lunchbox for sponsoring this post and reminded me to make pet gifts for my kitties! I’ve been making my list and checking it twice, and I confess, I almost left my dear kitties off of it! For shame! Lucky for me, Purina has lots of easy and clever gift ideas – so dear […]

The First Pet: Our Kids and Their Kitties. #ShedHappens

Nixie shortly after we brought her home, spending time with Milo.

While Milo was officially our first pet as a family, it’s very clear that Nixie is Quincy’s first pet. We don’t let a little mess keep us from having pets.