10 things I took away from DisneySMMoms

It’s the perfect storm without the rain. A conference with some of my favorite blogging friends, and it just happens to be at Disneyland. Talk about days full of magic, inspiration and childhood delight. Last month I attended the 5th Annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disneyland in Anaheim California. It’s been a month […]

I’m going to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2014

This past week I got an email. Some bloggers would call it THE EMAIL. The one that invites you to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I about fell over. I think I may have squeeed. See, Disney Social Media Moms is one of those amazing opportunities you don’t apply for. In fact, no one really […]

I’m not a bitch, I’m just an introvert.

Yeah right you say. I see how open you are online. Or I’ve met you, and we’ve hung out at such and such place and you put yourself out there. (and that’s because you KNOW me) Ok, so let’s think about that online thing – the Internet is like this little cocoon. We all know […]

I was a Disney Social Media Mom – for a morning!

For a few hours last week, I was a Disney Social Media Mom. There has been so much love and excitement for the amazing conference held in Orlando that this year they took things on the road. And they came to Seattle as a part of their Disney On The Road. There’s nothing more fun […]

I’m going on a Fireworks Seadog Cruise in Chicago!

In a about two weeks I’m headed to Chicago for a big blogging conference. (Psst hubby I’m leaving in a few weeks for like 5 days remember?) and while I’m there I get to hang out with some pretty awesome bloggy friends. What do bloggy friends do together in a place like Chicago? We get […]

I’m officially going to #BlogHer11!

Yeah baby! My FIRST BLOGGING CONFERENCE EVER was Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle, and afterwards I knew that summer could not pass me by without a trip to San Diego for BlogHer ’11. I am so excited to continue networking with so many amazing bloggers I have met in person and have been interacting with on […]