Looking for a family movie? Delivery Man is on Blu-Ray!

I first saw Delivery Man while in Chicago last summer, then I was invited to the red carpet premier in LA in November, and even seeing the 3rd time this week, I noticed things I hadn't before, and I … [Read more...]

Interview: Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders #DeliveryManEvent

Before we headed out to see the red carpet premiere of Delivery Man we sat down and chatted with Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders. Not surprising, they were both friendly and chatty and answered our … [Read more...]

You’ll laugh and cry: Delivery Man #DeliveryManEvent

If you're like me, catching a movie Thanksgiving week is a bit of a tradition. Thanks to Disney/Dreamworks, I've had the opportunity to see Delivery Man not once, but TWICE before the film opens … [Read more...]

Vince Vaughn is the father of 533 children #DeliveryManEvent

Don't let Vince Vaughn fool you. He's no delivery truck driver, even if he played one in Delivery Man. See, the actually shut the streets down in Brooklyn. Even then, he still found it intimidating to … [Read more...]

This Thursday 8pm ET! #DeliveryManEvent Twitter Chat! Awesome Prizes!

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Reasons why you might have 533 children. #DeliveryManEvent

Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles to cover the Delivery Man event and film. Most expenses were paid however all thoughts and experiences are my own.Imagine my surprise when I found … [Read more...]

This Maven is headed to LA for the #ThorDarkWorldEvent & #DeliveryManEvent next month!

A big thank you to Disney, Marvel, and Dreamworks for inviting me to the #ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent in exchange for sharing my experiences with my readers.Next month I get ROCK … [Read more...]

See it here: Delivery Man trailer #DeliveryManMovie

I'm so so excited for Delivery Man, which arrives in theaters on November 22. I love Vince Vaughn, he's one of my favorite actors and I'm pretty stoked to see him in this role.Delivery Man … [Read more...]