Day of Play with SpringFree Trampoline and tgoma!

Bouncing on a SpringFree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma is the first outdoor interactive digital gaming system that encourages kids to go outside and be active —introducing a new way to play.

50+ Ways to Get Your Family Active


Are you looking for ways to get your family active this year? Start with short walks. Make them longer over time. Younger children can ride a bike or a tricycle. Pull a wagon, use a stroller or baby wear the littlest family members. Make a list of active things you’d like to do together as a family and sure the activities are things everyone can do and enjoy. Choose activities that are developmentally appropriate for your children.

5 Reasons to Laugh

It's okay. Life is funny. Here are 5 reasons to laugh. #LadiesWithPoise

We all have reasons to laugh. Friends, family, every day life. What are some of your reasons?

Taking CloudPets™ to Visit Grandparents

The CloudPets™ visit grandparents! #CloudPetsForever AD

In May, my mom came for her bi-annual visit to Seattle. At about the same time, my kids discovered CloudPets™ on TV. They quickly figured out how they worked and began asking their “Nanni” (my mom) for them. Now, they are taking them with them when they go to visit her this weekend.

Super cool things to do on a trampoline!

Did you know you can turn your trampoline into a giant chalkboard? Whether it's a game of tic tac toe or a beautiful mural, let your imagination soar! #SpringFreeFamily SPONSORED

This post was sponsored by Springfree Trampoline. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. My first trampoline memories are at my friend Maia’s house. A large rectangular trampoline in her front yard, steel blue frame, exposed springs, backflips and lip-syncing to Madonna on an old boom box. Unsupervised. What can I say, […]

Packing the perfect road trip kit.


This post about packing the perfect road trip kit is sponsored by Kraft. We’re planning our first official family road trip this summer. That is, we’re going more than one state away. Right now I’m sort of wondering what the heck I got myself into. THE LONG DRIVE I’m a little scared. Not in a monsters […]