A Pinterest Worthy Gift

If you’re still looking for that fun and creative gift, I have the answer for you. I know I find gift giving a struggle for my husband sometimes, I like to give little things, but I don’t want to give him a pile of stocking stuffers, I want it to be more unique than that.

Last minute Valentines gifts from PromotionalCodes.com

Ok, so I totally dropped the ball here. As in today is Valentine’s Day and I’m in need of last minute Valentines gifts for my husband. Now, in all fairness, I’ve been browsing for presents for him for two weeks now, through PromotionalCodes.com. Simply because I refuse to shop online without digging around for a […]

Charity Gift Giving for Kids with a CWIST

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. When your kids get a case of the “I wants” you typically have them earn their desires with a chore list, or good grades, right? Not super exciting is it? My […]

Hot Holiday Toys: K’Nex Building Sets!

K'Nex Building Sets

I was graciously given several K’Nex Building Sets to review. Let me tell you, these things are cool! They’re geared towards older kids and young adults, but there are lots of great themes from Super Mario Bros to the Beatles. This past weekend, I took one of the set’s to my friends son for the […]

Care packages for College Students

norelco click and style

Ok, so I’ve covered fashion for me, I’ve shared recipe ideas and tips for the first day of school, but what about college kids? Chances are, if you have a son or daughter in college, they might have already gone back to school. So here are some ideas for care packages for college students. What […]

Group Gift Giving made easy with ZiftIt

We’ve all done it, contributed to the pot for a group gift. A coffee can, an envelope or a fish bowl. Everyone chips in to buy a gift that they hope the recipient might want. Not only is collecting the money a hassle, but then there’s the guessing. Or maybe your family is asking you […]