Exclusive Niki & Gabi Interview: Girls Night In Tour

Exclusive Interview with Niki and Gabi - Girls Night In - JCPenney

Don’t miss our exclusive Niki & Gabi Interview at the Girls Night In Tour at Seattle’s Southcenter Mall where they discussed fashion trends and back to school tips.

Really cool facts about The Jungle Book: A chat with Brigham Taylor and Rob Legato

Seeing The Jungle Book reimagined into a live action film made me reminiscent of my childhood, the special effects and computer animation were just amazing – the story of Mowgli was really brought to life, so you can imagine it was a special treat to be able to sit down and talk with Producer Brigham Taylor and Visual Effect Supervisor Rob Legato and learn some fun facts about The Jungle Book.

Interview: Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders #DeliveryManEvent

Before we headed out to see the red carpet premiere of Delivery Man we sat down and chatted with Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders. Not surprising, they were both friendly and chatty and answered our questions about the film – whether it was how being a parent affected their role, how they liked working with […]