Reflection – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

It would have been easy to cop out and use my weekly maternity photo as today's photo a day - Reflection, but I thought this was a lot more fun!January Photo a Day Want to follow my January Photo … [Read more...]

Comfortable – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay #babywearing

I love babywearing, and my Wrapsody wrap that my dear friend Katy gave me when Quincy was born is going to get some use in just a few weeks (about 6 or so to be exact!) It's one of the most … [Read more...]

Cannot Live Without – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

So, after I shared this photo a day on Instagram, I took another look at Staci's list. Turns out today's theme is actually COMFORTABLE, and tomorrow's is cannot live without. Ooops.Today was … [Read more...]

Throwback – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

Sure, Star Wars Episode VII is coming out in a few years, but the original trilogy will always remain the original, end all be all for me.January Photo a Day Want to follow my January Photo a … [Read more...]

I made – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

I had intentions of making cookies today, pulled out what I thought was all the ingredients. Realized I didn't have baking powder. Le sigh. But... because of me buying lots of My Little Ponies for … [Read more...]

Kindness – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

We probably go through several 4 packs of Reed's Ginger Ale a week, or rather my husband does. More often then not, we run out, and I go out to the store at the last minute to get some for him. Maybe … [Read more...]

Hope – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

I'm 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Quincy was born at 32 weeks and 3 days. Here's to avoiding pre-eclampsia and having a full term peanut!January Photo a Day Want to follow my January Photo a Day … [Read more...]

Collection – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

A very (VERY) small amount of Quincy's My Little Ponies. The perfect representation of one of our collections. (You'll also find Star Wars and Cars toys around here!January Photo a Day Want to … [Read more...]

Something White – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

January Photo a Day Want to follow my January Photo a Day Challenge? You can find me on Instagram at @themaven. Follow the hashtag #7sDDPhotoADay to play along. Leave a comment with your Instagram … [Read more...]

Memories – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

When my husband and I got married on March 24, 2007, we wore jeans and cashmere sweaters. It was cold and pouring down rain. The following day, we had a dinner with family and friends, and I wore this … [Read more...]

I adore – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

I adore my kids and my husband, sure, but that's a cop out right? Anyone who's known me a long time that I adore kitties too. So here is mine, snuggled in the unmade bed. January Photo a Day Want to … [Read more...]

Challenge – Potty Training – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

Let's be honest, this potty training business is hard stuff! Thank goodness I'm a Pull-Ups Ambassador right? Between the challenges of Sebby having Autism and Quincy not quite walking (not to mention … [Read more...]