Kick off Seafair and celebrate Bratsgiving!

Thanks to Johnsonville for sponsoring this fun post about Bratsgiving! Bratsgiving is the perfect way to celebrate Seafair!For Bratsgiving this year, Johnsonville is celebrating … [Read more...]

The Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour in Seattle

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more about Capital One, visit … [Read more...]

CVS Pharmacy Now Open in Target Stores Throughout Washington

Last Tuesday Edison and I were asked to come celebrate the opening of Target's new in-store CVS Pharmacy at Northgate. The pharmacies have opened in several metropolitan areas in Washington, including … [Read more...]

Day of Play with SpringFree Trampoline and tgoma!

We’ve had a Springfree trampoline in our backyard for almost a year now, and we’ve enjoyed many of the fun things you can do on a trampoline. Last Saturday we were to be guests at the Seattle … [Read more...]

Teatro ZinZanni ~ Be Italian! in Seattle on February 4th!

Living in Seattle, I've been pretty lucky to have seen a few shows at Teatro ZinZanni. The newest show to come to the emerald city and our gorgeous Moulin Rouge tent is Be Italian!, and I'm so … [Read more...]