Join me at the Third Trimester Twitter Chat

The Third Trimester Chat - The Maven of Social Media

On behalf of Philips AVENT, I’d like to invite you all to The Third Trimester Twitter chat! It’s hard to believe that just 9 months ago I was entering my Third Trimester of pregnancy. Even though I’d been through it before (1 and a half times – remember Q was born 8 weeks early!), there […]

You don’t need to be a prodigy to figure out the ‘Prodigy!’ #summerinfantprodigy

I am the perfect person to gauge the easiness-factor of installing an infant car seat, seeing that I’ve never even come close to installing a car seat before in my life. Truth be told, I didn’t even know there was two parts to the thing–you know, the seat itself and the base that stays in […]

Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest contributor!

Kristin Cook

I’m so excited to welcome Kristin Cook to our team here at The Maven of Social Media! I’ve known Kristin online for almost two years now, and I am so excited to have her join us as our pregnancy and newborn contributor! Kristin grew up online (her first AIM screen name–something totally embarrassing likeSugar_girl2385–was created […]