Quincy and her Tag Junior Pal, Violet

Tag Junior

Poor Sebby, Quincy has been going after his Tag reader for some time now, so our friends at Leap Frog were sweet enough to send Quincy her own Tag Junior. Now Quincy has sweet little Violet to help her learn to read. It’s so cute to watch her turn the pages of her special Tag […]

Everyone’s Favorite Fashionista {365.75}

Quincy is rockin it!

Sweet Quincy rockin her mini Maven t-shirt and Petit Couture petticoat. Yes, she dresses better than me.

Nom {365.48}


Nom nom!

Cupcake face waiting for a friend {365.46}

Waiting for Becky...

Quincy and I waiting for her occupational therapist, Becky, to join us for a cupcake date.

Some Holiday Cheer…and tips too!

Contemplating the meaning of the message on the pillow....

Nevermind the countless boxes of Christmas Cheer I have in storage, our small living room just won’t accomodate the Christmas Explosion I would love to have. (Step number 1 in keeping the Christmas Chao down- don’t be tempted to pull out ALL the boxes) Choose a few favorites to use every year, like the pillow […]

Foto Friday: Quincy is not amused.

Such a serious girl...

I posted this on instagram earlier, but here is Miss Quincy today, while we were waiting for the Special Olympics at her brother Sebby’s school to begin today. Ps, head over to Matter of Cents and join the Foto Friday hop!