A non-wine girls first impression of the California Wine Club

I fully admit, I drink them, but I don’t know much about wines. I am the one who stands in front of the wine at the grocery store, looking like a deer in headlights. It’s not pretty.Lucky for me, … [Read more...]

{review} Have you seen Giant Trouble, an eBook from SkyReader Media?

Over the past few days. I’ve been checking out the new eBook, Giant Trouble by SkyReader Media. I’m really impressed. It’s obvious by the features included that a lot of thought went into this … [Read more...]

Flipped over the Flip UltraHD!

You’ll FLIP (in a good way) over the Flip UltraHD Video Camera. This tiny camcorder packs a lot of punch in about the size of an old Nokia cell phone. With a 4GB built in flash Memory, it records … [Read more...]

Recaro has earned my love

Three years ago when I heard the name Recaro I thought aftermarket Motorcross seats.  Fast forward to now, three years and two kids later, when I hear Recaro I think AMAZING car seat. So  I was beyond … [Read more...]

Yeehaw! Rango The Videogame (review)

Giddyap! Are you ready for wild chases and fast paced shoot-outs? Based on Paramount Picture’s film, Rango The Video game is full of crazy action and outlandish scenarios. Normally carseats, onesies … [Read more...]

Mimicking Monkey will find a way into your heart (and hopefully bring sleep too!)

Meet our new friend, Mimicking Monkey from Cloud B. He’s soft, friendly and keeps Sebby and Quincy* company with his sweet chatters, waterfall sounds or right now, his lullaby (I’m hoping for a … [Read more...]

My new stroller love: The Britax B-Ready.

When I first heard through the grapevine about the Britax B-Ready, I knew I wanted to check it out first hand.  I was in the market for a double since I was expecting, and since the B-Ready is a … [Read more...]

Need an alternative to a nursing cover? Check out the LatchOn! (discount!)

Being a cloth diapering mama does leave room for much else in the diaper bag. Sacrifices must be made. Like, for example, a nursing cover. Now, I normally don’t worry about covering up, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Stretch Island Fruit Leather – YUMMY!

“More fruit stick. More fruit stick PLEASE!” This is something that is heard at least once a day in my house. Sebastian is referring to the yummy fruit leather strips by Stretch Island.Stretch … [Read more...]

YAY! Our first link-back on a review! So exciting!

Be sure to check out Motherlove!Thank you so much for linking back!XOXO … [Read more...]

Check out the líllébaby Eurotote!

My little Quincy was lucky enough to be a product tester for líllébaby Eurotote from Scandinavian Child. Since she was nearly 8 weeks early, Quincy is still quite the peanut. That’s what makes this … [Read more...]

The PeaPod Plus by KidCo: Your toddler travel bed solution

You want to know how long it takes for a toddler to get into a PeaPod Plus travel bed by KidCo? Well, it took mine less than 45 seconds. As in from the time I took it out of the box to the time it hit … [Read more...]