Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10

I’m really fortunate that Sebby and Quincy have pretty fabulous teachers. They take the time to get to know my kids and help them learn and grow as people. They foster relationships and truly love what they do. I know it’s important to let them know they are appreciated, so I plan on doing some nice things for them next week, which is Teacher Appreciation Week.

teacher appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a great way to honor the teachers in your child’s life. There are many low- and no-cost ways to do this. Often, the most appreciated and heartwarming gifts are those that were made by the children and came from their heart.

May 6th through 10th is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here are a few ideas that you and your child can do:

*Make a card from a photo of your child and write what your child says about that teacher.

*Bring flowers picked from your garden or make a bouquet from tissue/construction paper.

*Make a picture or other type of art.

*Give them a gift card for their favorite coffee place, or better yet, bring them a cup of coffee when you drop off your child in the morning.

*Do they like scents? An apple Scentsy warmer is a fun idea – and it’s flame free! Just be sure to find out what their favorite scents are!

*Teachers often pay for many of their own supplies, put together a gift of art supplies and classroom friendly snacks. (Remember to not include any nuts)

*Sign up to volunteer in the classroom! Many classes have signup sheets for parents to come help out- this is win win, you get time with your child at school and your teacher gets an extra sent of hands!

*Ask your child for ideas. It’s amazing what creative ideas they can think of!

How will you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

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