Ten reasons I love the Baby Moments Digital Color Monitor from @SummerInfant

When I first learned about the Baby Moments Flat Screen Digital Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant at last years ABC Expo I was excited to check it out. So when I received one a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to set it up.

10.) The 7” LCD Color flat screen is amazing, I don’t have to squint to see what Quincy is up to.

9.) With the night vision feature, there is no need for a night light. The black and white screen is really easy to view. This is a real bonus because too much light keeps her awake – which isn’t good for either of us!

8.) 100% digital technology provides a secure and private connection up to 400’ – great piece of mind. And if you’re concerned? It’s very easy to re-sync your camera and monitor.

7.) The video on/off button makes it easy to still hear your baby at night (a nice option if you use the view screen in your bedroom.

6.) It comes with safety clips to keep the cords out of reach from little hands. Much better than the tape on the wall!

5.) Aside from having to bang a nail in the wall to hang the camera (you can add up to FOUR), installation and set up took minutes. The Monitor includes hardware for under cabinet mounting option, built in carry handle, swivel stand and tilt options.

4.) The  5 sound lights make it so easy to “hear” Quincy in a noisy room – they light up depending on how loud she is crying. I usually keep the volume turned down during nap time, but it’s really helpful because at a glance I can tell if she’s cooing or YELLLLLLING.

3.) You can take (and store!) up to 50 images! What? A camera! Yes! I think I was most excited about this. I actually have photos of my old Summer Infant monitor so I could capture Sebby on the screen. Now I won’t miss those moments.

2.) Not only is the LCD flat screen a monitor, it’s a digital picture frame too! Neat! An included USB cable lets you upload the photos you’ve captured to your computer. How cool is that?

1.) The Baby Moments Flat Screen Digital Color Video Monitor is the best of both worlds. I can keep an eye on Quincy when she’s napping in her cosleeper, and I can see if she’s crying because she’s in trouble (like escaping, we won’t be in the cosleeper much longer) or if she’s just awake and hungry. ANNNND when she does something super cute (like pull to a stand to reach and swipe board books off the night stand like her big brother did) I can take a photo of it, preserving the memory. It’s easy to see why I’ve been coveting it since last fall, right?

She’s cute sleeping, don’t you think?

Peeking in at Quincy
Disclaimer: I received a Baby Moments Flat Screen Digital Color Video Monitor from Summer Infant for the purpose of this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post and the opinions here are my own.



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