Thanks to @LeeJeansUS, I’ve found my fit. #LeeStyleParty #LeeFindYourFit

I hate jeans shopping. Loathe it in fact. I know I am not alone in this. Late last month, my friend Louise AKA Mom Start paired up with other buddy Connie AKA Misc Finds 4U to host a Lee Style Party.


Instead of countless hours fighting stacks of denim at the mall, I was able to try on a few pairs of jeans, and well, find my fit. As in, actually long enough AND fitting me in the waist. Which really doesn’t happen often. Now, I’ll confess, before the style party, I had a good idea that I’d find a pair of Lee Jeans that would fit me, since they graciously sent me a pair to wear at BlogHer (more on that later).

Lee® says there are 4 basic body types, knowing yours will help you find your fit.

So, even though I KNEW what style fit me, in the spirt of things I also tried on a pair of the Perfect Fit Milas, as Rachelle, Lee’s® Trend Expert suggested. OK, so she was right. I actually tried on the stonewash first, which gave me vivid nightmares memories of high school (Sorry Lee®, just not my thing) but the dark wash were actually pretty cute.

lee style party

Except one thing…

They hit my natural waistline. Totally fine normally. Except a few weeks before the party I found out I was expecting 3.0.  (shhh) And we all know that an expanding baby belly and a natural waistline jean don’t work so well together.

So I went back to my (new) old faithful, Lee’s Gold Label. Since I already knew the Jeggings they sent me for BlogHer had a nice low rise, I figured that a pair of the flares would work too. I was right. I can probably get a little more mileage out of these before I need to switch to maternity (hint hint Lee®)

Gold Label Lennon Flares, photo credit: Lee® Jeans

The sad part is, I didn’t get to take them home with me because they had to order them, so they arrived late last week. Now, I need to get a picture of me in them for you all. But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in blue jeans WITHOUT a full length mirror. Yeah, it just doesn’t work. So I either need to get my dear hubby to take a piccy or buy a full length mirror. Or likely both.

They fit great though, and they are long enough (yay!)

My favorite thing about the flares? Hello… check out this cute pocket detailing.

lee jeans
Pocket detail on Gold Label Lennon Flares

So, did everyone really find their fit? You bet! EVERYONE at the party from size 2 to 24 and ages 16 to 51 found a sassy pair of Lee® Jeans that made them look fabulous.

lee style party
Lee Jeans Find Your Fit Style Party – Seattle, WA 8/27/12   – Photo Credit:

I’d say the party was a hit!

Special thanks to Mom Start and Misc Finds 4U for hosting, and big thank yous to Katy and Rachelle from Lee – it was a pleasure to work with you again!

Want to find your fit with Lee® Jeans? I’ll be sharing an opportunity to WIN next week!

Disclaimer: I attended a Lee Perfect Fit Style Party and received a pair of jeans as a thank you gift. I was under no obligation to write this post and the opinions here are my own.

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  1. so cute! i love them!

  2. What I thought was cool was that there were woman of all different sizes and shapes there and each was able to find a great fit for them, from size 2 to 22. That’s a very versatile jean company.

  3. A style party? That sounds awesome. I could get used to that! 🙂 I love Lee Jeans. I find them to be flattering and stylish, plus they are not 5 gazzillion dollars a pair.

  4. sounds like fun!!

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