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One of the coolest things about my trip to visit Pixar Animaton Studios in San Francisco was sitting down with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera  – The Minds Behind Inside Out.

Docter joined Pixar in 1990, and collaborated with John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton in developing the story and characters for “Toy Story,” Pixar’s first full-length animated feature film. He’s been involved in many films since those early days, has been nominated for six Academy Awards, including best animated feature winner “Up”.

Rivera started at Pixar in 1994 as their very first intern and has worked on nearly every single animation film since then (whoa Jonas) including some of my very favorites, Up and Cars (I think if my 2 year old could understand that Jonas worked on Cars, Jonas would have a new BFF)

Needless to say, being in the same room with two talented artists was a real treat.

We had a fabulous candid conversation about Inside Out and where a lot o the inspiration for the film came from.

Inside Out is about what goes on your head, specifically, what is going on in Riley’s head, or rather her mind.

In the beginning stages, there wasn’t a lot of agreement at how many emotions there would be, or even which ones they would use in the film. They worked with a research team from Columbia – neurologists & psychologists to determine the best fit for the film.

You’ll notice that there are 5 emotions portrayed. In Riley’s mom – all of the emotions are female. In Riley’s dad, they are all male. But they wanted Riley to have a bit of humor and clarity so her emotions are both male and female. One thought to this is also that your emotions have more flexibility when you are younger.

We learn from Jonas and Pete that the emotions just want Riley to be happy. They are all watching out for her. They also each have their own job to do and think they know what’s best (and we know where that leads, right?)

There were many moments in the film that were from stories and experiences from their childhoods at the very least, little moments. The move in the film symbolizes growing up- something that definitely resonated with me and my own life.

I laughed a bit when they said headquarters (in Riley’s mind, where all the emotions are) was this mix of the Apple Store and It’s A Small World. Fun, whimsical and a splash of color. 🙂

and perhaps one of my favorite parts, aside from the film itself…
Be sure to keep an eye out for Easter Eggs throughout the film. An obvious one if you’re a Pixar fan will be the Pizza Planet truck, you’ll also see a glimpse of Ratatouille and others! So keep an eye out (you’ll probably have to see Inside Out a few times so you don’t miss them!)

In the end, Jonas and Pete told us it’s bittersweet to finish a film and send it out, almost like a parent/child relationship.
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Inside Out will be in theaters on June 19, 2015.

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