The Nordstrom Rack opens it’s doors at Westlake Center on 3/15 #RackOpening

Last night, myself, Leanne of Rave and Review and about 250 other influential local bloggers met up for an extraordinary fashionista event…

The Nordstrom Rack Tweetup at Westlake Center.

The Nordstrom Rack‘s opening is TOMORROW, Thursday March 15th at Westlake Center, Fifth Avenue and Pine Street, downtown Seattle at 9 a.m., with festivities at 7 a.m.

When Leanne and I arrived, we were gifted with fun canvas totebags with skin care samples and a $50 giftcard to shop the store! We went down the escalator to experience a red carpet/catwalk experience, with everyone clapping and cheering and a camera in our face. Leanne and I are NOT fashion mavens by any stretch of the imagination (don’t let me red shoes fool you) so we made our exit as quickly as possible. 🙂

We were welcomed to the event, and told to tweet with the hashtag #RackOpening to share information about the event and to win door prizes.

And so I tweeted.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

My first tweet.. read on to where it got me.

Leanne and I partook in a cheesy photo op with my phone. So fashionable!

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

After the red carpet entrance.

We notice some associates walking around with handheld devices. This could only mean one thing. No more waiting in line. Up to 10 associates will have a roving check out!

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

The new and improved Nordstrom Rack has an pretty darn good lingerie department. I bought a REALLY cute pair of ruffled bloomers from honeydew.We met the lovely Treacle AKA The Lingerie Addict. I know I will be picking her brain. She is THE lingerie blogger.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake


Gone are the days of the shoe window at the old rack. Now the mates are where they belong. Add this to the roving checkout and it just might be possible to shop with a toddler in tow. Maybe.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

No more shoe window.

The selection of scarves was AMAZING. Leanne and I oohed and aahed and kept going back to them. Over and over.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Beautiful scarves. Leanne and I each bought two.

I spied these and had some naughty thoughts. HA! and bought them. My husband is happy.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

I totally bought these.

We really wanted these super cute hats, but couldn’t justify them.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

A blurry, but way fun photo.

This top was really cute, but where would I wear it?

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

A pretty top I tried on.

Leanne tweeted about this awesome bag she found. The side pockets just screamed “There is room for a sippy cup in here.”

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Leann wanted this sweet bag...

It seems every time my little sister posts a piccy on Facebook, she has on a new pair of shades. She would have loved this display.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

So many sunglasses, so little sun (in Seattle)

I tweeted about Betsey again, just for fun. How could I not, it’s sooo pretty. It was well worth the tweet, it came home to live with me. 🙂

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Little did I know that this 2nd tweet would be a winner.

Leanne and I got carded this round. So not complaining about that.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Drinks are on the house...

The Nordstrom Rack will be selling seasonal flowers, Public Market style. We both got to take home beautiful bunches of tulips.

Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Tulips ala the Nordstrom Rack Market

Needless to say, Leanne and I had a blast. Sadly, neither of us can make the grand opening tomorrow morning due to a prior engagement. But you should go.


Well on opening day, there will be 20 Emerald Hangers hidden throughout the store – each worth a $100 gift card.

How do you find them?

Clues as to where they are will be tweeted from @Seattle_rack from 7-9a.m.


Nordstrom Rack Westlake

Also, 10 hangers and clues will go out Friday and Saturday.

Not a bad deal right?

Happy shopping at the new Nordstrom Rack at Westlake!

Disclaimer: I was invited to a private shopping event at Nordstrom Rack and also won a kickass Betsey Johnson necklace. They didn’t ask me to write this post, but I wanted to. ALl of the opinions here are my own.

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  1. I had so much fun with you at Nordy’s! Being carded, getting flowers, and a new scarf… I feel like I went on a date with The Rack 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention! Was so nice meeting you. 🙂

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