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Finding time for me with a Snapple & a snack #teastraightup #ad

Confession: I’m so busy wrangling the kids and running errands I sometimes skip meals. It’s no good for my energy. My mom day is shenanigans. Three kids, two different schools, one still at home and everyone has different demands and needs, which leaves me looking for the perfect level of sweetness in the morning.

I’m always joking with my husband that I feel like the mom in the movie, The Christmas Story, especially at meal time. It’s a rare occurrence that I get to sit down with everyone at dinner at the same time. And breakfast? Just forget it.

So why don’t I ever make it to the table?

There names are Sebby, Quincy and Edison. Actually, I’ll throw the cats in the mix too, because Nixie and Milo are always underfoot.

It never fails…

Someone always wants a drink. Or more drink, or a different drink. And I don’t get the drink fast enough. Heck, first thing in the morning, when Sebby’s foot hits that bottom step, he’s asking for his morning milk.

Someone always needs more orange slices, or they dropped their fork, or they want a napkin, or they don’t one cereal they want another or may they be excused or…

It’s relentless.

But it’s not just meal time. Oh no.

So the kids are fed, and their backpacks are ready for school, so finally, I can sit down and eat something before I put Sebby and Quincy on their two different buses twenty minutes apart (who’s genius idea was that?)

If what I am eating looks REMOTELY interesting to ANY of them, all of the sudden second breakfast happens. Otherwise known as let’s eat mom’s breakfast. Again.

About half of the mornings after I get the big kids off to their schools, Edison and I have to run somewhere. If I’m lucky, I remember to grab snack for me. In college, my go to morning snack was Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain® cereal bars, packing one bar is not enough, because if Edison spies them, well, you know.
Edison swipes my snacks! #teastraightup #ad

The perfect companion to perk up my day that I refuse to share? My sweet tea. NO ONE TAKES MY SWEET TEA. Especially when it’s Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea. I’m going to tell you. I am a sweet tea SNOB. Straight Up™ Tea has a Real brewed tea taste – with the perfect level of sweetness – which we all know is the real magic of sweet tea.
Easy car snacks #teastraightup #ad

How do I make sure I’m not sharing? Nap time. That sweet moment of Edison being asleep in his room, I can sit out on the front steps, enjoy the sunshine. Now that is the perfect level of sweetness.

A perfect snack of tea and cereal bar #teastraightup #ad

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How do your perfect level of sweetness?

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