There are shortbread cookies and then there are SHORTBREAD cookies.

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Short from making them from scratch, there isn’t a more perfect shortbread cookie than Walkers. I’m talking BUTTERY goodness here. Melt in your mouth. Who knew a cookie could taste creamy?

shortbread cookies

Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dog Cookies are perfect lunchbox or stocking stuffers that parents and kids will love.  These little pals are made only from pure butter and the finest all-natural ingredients, contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives and are certified Kosher (OUD).  Also new this year are Walkers Grab & Go Mini Shortbread Fingers and Festive Stars.

These tiny treats are also made with just a few simple ingredients and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives.  These bite-size cookies make great on-the-go snacks and are ideal for little fingers! This doesn’t mean of course that you can’t leave them out for Santa to enjoy too!

I recommend doling them out into portions, because it’s much to easy to eat an entire bag of shortbread cookies all at once **whistles innocently**

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  1. love these!

  2. Vanessa Kowalski says:

    Walker’s are the best!

  3. What about homemade? There is nothing like a homemade shortbread cookie. They are super easy to make!

  4. Walker’s cookies are soooo good, they really melt in your mouth.

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