15 Things to do in January with Family

Things to do in January

With winter break coming to an end, we’re about to welcome a brand new year! Happy New Year 2017! Can you believe it? Don’t get caught up in the holiday let down, and check out these fun things to do in January with your family!

Things to Do in January with Family

1. Make a rainbow in the snow.
2. Let the kiddos help you make snowman poop in the crock pot.
3. Build a mini skating rink for a game of mini hockey.
4. Host the first ever Toy Ice Skating Olympics in your home.
5. Make a playdough winter wonderland.
6. Whip up a batch of Tabasco kettle corn (or a milder flavor for the kids) and enjoy a movie marathon. The 19th is National Popcorn Day!
7. Recycle old sweaters to make scarves, hand warmers or drink cozies.
8. Ask the kids to cut ABCs out of cheese to put in their homemade alphabet soup. Nothing warms you up like soup on a cold winter day.
9. Let the kids try arm knitting a scarf.
10. Make homemade fire starters for the fireplace. Roast marshmallows on the fireplace as a reward for your efforts.
11. Build an indoor snowman if you’re not likely to get snow where you live.
12. Use a pretty scarf to make an easy scarf wreath for the front door. You have to take the Christmas wreath down sometime, right?
13. Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a diversity activity.
14. Puzzles are perfect for winter. Make some Lego picture puzzles with the kids. They’ll have fun mixing and matching with their siblings.
15. Make a Winnie the Pooh inspired lunch for Winnie the Pooh Day.

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Things to do in January with Family

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