Kid Friendly Things To Do In June

Here are 15 fun kid friendly things to do in June

Schools out for many. We still have 24 more days. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t have some summer fun on the weeks while we’re waiting for the final bell. Don’t miss this fun list of 15 kid friendly things to do in June!

Things to Do in June

1. Have an outdoor movie night with the kids.
2. Go strawberry picking as a family.
3. Make something using fresh strawberries.
4. Host a stargazing party after school’s out for the summer. Invite the neighbors!
5. Paint with colored ice.
6. Visit the beach and build sandcastles with the kids.
7. Set up a build your own sundae bar after the last day of school.
8. Make a sponge lei to keep cool on those hot summer days.
9. Draw with wet sidewalk chalk. The colors are much more vivid!
10. Whip up a batch of key lime pie smoothies.
11. Make friendship bracelets to give to new summer friends.
12. Get wet and wild with squirt guns and water cups. See who can move theirs the farthest!
13. Go on a family bike ride.
14. Play this fun marshmallow toss math game.
15. Pick wildflowers (and play with them after).

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