The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner­™ makes mealtime a snap!

Well, our Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner­™  by arrived the other day and I was so stoked to try it out – I loved the idea of having a neater place for Quincy to have meals, snacks and play. It’s so crazy convenient and easy to install.

tidy diner

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Except it doesn’t fit my 1950’s formica table. I’m sure that the awesome folks at Bambinos! will be glad to know this is my new excuse to get a new kitchen table. Right? RIGHT?

I think it will fit on my desk, but that’s not practical. To show you how awesome it is, I installed it on Quincy’s play table. You’ll see it’s just a simple secure clip. Sooo easy. What’s really great about it is that I preloaded it with snacks and crayons BEFORE I clipped it – just one trip. This means that clean up is just as simple. Love it!

Quincy and her Tidy Table Tray. ©The Maven of Social Media®

Bambinos! is a US-based company, founded in Evergreen, Colorado. The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner™ is BPA Free. Be sure to use age appropriate booster chair or high chair designed for table use.

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  1. This looks amazing! So handy–I’ve got to try it!

  2. Saw this demoed at ABC Kids this week. It’s such a neat product! Love that you can add the food and drink in the kitchen and then carry it to the table.

  3. This would be great for restaurants!

  4. Trasina McGahey says:

    What a GREAT idea! There’s not much messier than a toddler at mealtime! I don’t think it would fit on my table either though. Did it come with specs so you know if it will work or not?

  5. Jennifer Young says:

    Wow, what a great idea!!! This would be great to bring to restaurants too!

  6. That would be great to take along places!!

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