That turkey gave it’s life for you, don’t stuff it with stale bread…

Last week, the fabulous Leanne of Rave & Review left our husbands with the kids (wahoo) and headed downtown to Macy’s for an evening with Tom Douglas thanks to Macy’s Culinary Council. Well, to be more specific, a cooking demo with Tom Douglas where he shared some great cooking advice & tips -like he doesn’t like soggy stale bread turkey stuffing – and he prefers using shredded cheese for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Tom Douglas

Photo Credit: Alyssa Ennis – Distilled Creative

In preparation for the holidays, Tom shared some of his recipes with us, along with his new cookbook, The Dahila Bakery Cookbook. Now, I love to cook, but it’s really hard to try out new recipes on only my husband (and kids) much to his dismay. But maybe, if a certain new cookbook made it’s way under the tree…

Tom Douglas

If you missed the event, the good news is, you didn’t miss Tom. If you don’t find him in one of his amazing local restaurants, then you can tune in weekly to his radio show with Thierry Rautureau on KIRO 97.3 FM called Seattle Kitchen.

tom douglas

I’m really glad Leanne and I had the chance to attend this event, sample some good eats (mmmm pear tart!) and get some time away.  Perhaps one of Tom’s recipes will be gracing our holiday table.

tom douglas

Thanks to another event attendee who took this (blurry) photo of Leanne, Tom & I!

And if you happen to follow @TomDouglasCo on Twitter, know that @SpecialDark, who manages the account has a wicked good sense of humor..

Also, if you’re a fellow blogger and want to attend a Macy’s Culinary Council in your city, you can check out the dates and locations below. Please email Lexi AT for more information!

This year’s line up is nothing short of spectacular – Iron Chefs, Top Chefs, James Beard Award recipients, even Michelin Star holders!

San Francisco with Chef Marc Forgione Nov 14, 2012
More info:

Chicago with Chef Tom Douglas Nov 29, 2012
More info:

Houston with Chef Cat Cora Dec 5, 2012

Miami with Chef Marc Forgione Dec 8, 2012

New Orleans with Chef Johnny Iuzzini & Nancy Silverton Jan 9, 2012

San Diego with Chef Nancy Silverton Jan 12, 2012

Detroit with Chef Takashi Yagihashi Jan 17, 2012

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