Traveling with an infant? Consider the Rest Assured Sleeper!

When I was making my travel arrangements for the ABC Kids Expo I found myself stuck – I had planned on taking my children with me, but where would they sleep? More importantly, where would my then 15 week old daughter sleep.

Lucky for me, I found out about the Rest Assured Sleeper by Summer Infant. The Rest Assured Sleeper is a co-sleeping device that provides your little one a safe place to sleep from birth to 6 months (or a little longer in my case, since I am a preemie mom)

The Rest Assured Sleeper was the perfect solution for my travels to Las Vegas, it would give my little girl a place to sleep where we could keep an eye on her and wouldn’t take up a ton of space in my luggage. Once in Vegas, the Rest Assured Sleeper was a snap to set up (almost literally, as it unfolds and the legs snap into place). When it was time for bed, my daughter fell asleep snuggled in her sleepsack almost instantly, safe and secure in her Rest Assured Sleeper.

Great features about the Rest Assured Sleeper include a sturdy metal frame, mesh sides so we could check on our sleeping daughter in the middle of the night, a washable pad (which is so important since infants are, well, messy) and little pocket to keep pacifiers, spit up rags, or in my case, my iPhone. ☺ There is also a removable sound and bivration unit, complete with a little nightlight.
Having the Rest Assured Sleeper for our travels was a real life saver. I knew my daughter was safe and secure and best of all… ASLEEP!

Note: Summer Infant provided me with a Rest Assured Sleeper for the purpose of this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post and the opinions here are my own.

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