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What if you could protect all of your devices – every laptop, desktop, tablet and phone with ONE service? One security service that meant more secure browsing, banking, streaming and more? Security should be simple and affordable, for everyone! It can happen with F-Secure SAFE!

Installing F-Secure Safe is easy and takes just minutes.

F-Secure SAFE is Internet security for PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones, with an F-Secure SAFE subscription, you can protect up to seven devices for a year. Right now, you can try F-Secure SAFE with a FOUR MONTH FREE TRIAL and if you purchase it now there is a significant discount. A real plus I KNOW you will love is the four free months happens automatically when you sign up – no credit card needed! (Besides, don’t you want your data protected with F-Secure  BEFORE you enter your credit card number?)

It’s easy to install in minutes even if you aren’t tech savvy – you can send invites from your subscription via email or text message. Since my kids iPads don’t have email set up (for very good reason), I just installed the app and logged into my F-Secure account to activate the service on their devices and set up the parental controls. Easy peasy.

Check out all the amazing features of F-Secure  Safe!

There are four key features with the F-Secure SAFE subscription service that help keep you and those you love safe on the Internet.

Protect your privacy and security — keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, and spyware for both PC AND Mac. As a Mac user, I know that viruses are fewer and farther between, but the fact is, they still happen, so why not protect yourself? It only takes once for everything to go horribly wrong! If you’re a PC user, you can even send suspicious files to F‑Secure for analysis. It’s included in your subscription. No extra costs!

Explore the Internet, and handle your online shopping and banking without worries. I utilize online banking ALL THE TIME. In fact, my credit union encourages it. I’m glad that F-Secure takes the anxiety out of logging into my banking app on my phone without worrying so much about hackers. Knowing that my online shopping is protected is pretty awesome too. I can’t tell you how often I see something in a store, and quickly pull out my phone to price compare it online. You do that too, right? Now you can do it safely.

Make sure that your Internet connection is safe. While your home and works networks are hopefully secure – that’s not necessarily true everywhere. I know personally I’m always on the go, and it’s nice to know that if I’m logging into the WiFi at Starbucks or at the airport, that I have F-Secure SAFE making sure that I’m using a safe Internet connection. If I’m not, it’s going to let me know. Considering I have an 8 year old who is adept at finding open WiFi when we are out and about, this is really important.

Protect your entire family with a single service. Parental controls include setting time limits on Internet Use, content blocking (with a wide variety of website topics that go beyond just a rating) – tobacco and alcohol, dating sites, social networks, shopping and more. In addition, there is the option to just whitelist specific sites of your choosing.You can also set up a security code to prevent your child from making changes in the parental controls.

F-Secure Safe has easy to use parental controls.

Lost device? No problem.
One of the other cool features with F-Secure safe is a “Finder.” This feature locates your device and can remotely activate an alarm if it gets lost or stolen. My kids are ALWAYS setting their iPads down randomly in the house, and without fail, I can never find them. This same GPS feature also allows you to share your location with your family and friends.

What are you waiting for? Snag your FREE 4 month trial of F-Secure SAFE  today, and start protecting yourself on the Internet!

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