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I’ve attempted a Vegas family vacation twice since 2009. Ok, so not REALLY a family vacation, as I was there to attend the ABC Kids Expo and drug my family along. And we’ve always felt cramped in our hotel room. This year, I left the family at home in Seattle and went to Vegas without them. Well, Edison and I left everyone behind.

Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center

We had a penthouse (ie two story condo) booked at the Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center, which was conveniently located on the other side of the road from the Expo. Perfect! The two bedroom, two bath suite with pull out couch was the perfect space for myself, and two other bloggers, Emily and Christa, plus Christa’s daughter.

Let’s talk about the pluses shall we? First off – two bathrooms. I live in a house that has one bedroom for 5 people. So having two bathrooms? Total luxury! Especially when 3 adults are trying to get ready in the morning with two little ones underfoot.

A full kitchen – granted the only action the kitchen saw was boiling water for my tea, but the refrigerator had lots of love from local carryout (which were fabulous suggestions by the front desk) but the point is if we had wanted to go to the grocery store to buy food for our meals, the option was there. And a pretty good one. I know when I bring my family back to Vegas that will be a great perk!

The sleeping areas were truly separate. In the downstairs there was a bedroom area that could be closed off as well as a pull out couch. The 2nd bedroom, where I slept, was in the upstairs loft with it’s own bathroom.  There was plenty of space if a pack in play or sleeping cot was needed.

Cozy Loft Bedroom

comfy bed!

The downfall of having the two bedroom penthouse was it was on the second floor. That meant lugging strollers and gear up and down two flights of stairs each day. A small price to pay though for the space. It also would have been really nice to have laundry in the unit, instead off in a room off the lobby. But in all reality, a small sacrifice for some pretty sweet digs.

In addition to pretty comfy accommodations, the Residence Inn also offers breakfast every morning. Folks, this is more than your token muffin and coffee so many places offer. I had eggs, sausage and pancakes. I could even have made a waffle if I had wanted to. Not bad! PLUS, two nights a week they offer dinner (with WINE!) – that’s a pretty good deal I think!

The next time I am headed to Las Vegas, I’ll be booking my room at the Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center! And maybe I’ll even make it to the strip!

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  1. Glad to hear that you had a terrific time at the Residence Inn, in Vegas. Next time, we have someone ask for a recommendation, we’ll definitely suggest it.

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