Vince Vaughn is the father of 533 children #DeliveryManEvent

Don’t let Vince Vaughn fool you. He’s no delivery truck driver, even if he played one in Delivery Man. See, the actually shut the streets down in Brooklyn. Even then, he still found it intimidating to drive something that big, and especially how to park it.

He is however, the father of 533 children. At least in Dreamworks new film, Delivery Man, which opens this Friday, November 22.

After attending the red carpet premiere of Delivery Man I had the opportunity to sit down (with 24 other bloggers) with Vince Vaughn and chat with him about the film.

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Q: I have to ask: Why did you decide to take the role as David Wozniak?

VV: You know the director is a very passionate storyteller and I think what he is doing with this story is really unique and inspiring, because it’s not an overly obvious way in to some very kind of sentimental and universal feelings I think about parenthood and also about life, I think. acceptance, you know, accepting yourself, and all those kind of things.

But it starts with this kind of big concept. But what’s interesting to me is, you know, nowadays movies can be just a comedy or just sentimental or, or just a drama, and I think the skillset that, that Ken has, which is very unique, is that it kind of is all of those things in one movie. So, it’s makes it a very unpredictable story. You’re not quite sure what emotion is gonna come next. Also I think being a young father, the hopes and fears that you have for your kids really is strong in those vignettes.

In a way, it’s like all the things that you kinda go through as a parent — but it does it in a very unique way, and so it kinda cracks you open.

What’s very moving to me about that is — which I think I really liked about the character from the beginning and I think I can relate to this sometimes.

Q: You mentioned being a dad. How did being a dad affect how you took on the role?

VV: Like a little bit of what I was talking about in that: you’re so cracked open as a parent to those things. I had only my daughter on this, so originally we were working on… my second child was conceived during Delivery Man. And so, you have your kid and you start thinking about a family.

And inevitably you start thinking about well, what should I do for their lives. You start seeking information about how do I parent, you know, temporary words versus, you know, permanent words. And, you know, it just becomes a journey of figuring out what’s the best way to give them skill sets to be successful and, you know, what is the best stuff you can do as a parent. So, it just starts — you start down that journey so strongly. And I think for me, fortunately, I come from a very close family, and I waited till I was older and I really wanted to be a parent when I, when I got to be a parent.

So, I’m very invested in it. So, I think it was very easy to draw on those kind of emotions that were running in me anyway. It was very much at the surface.

Q: So, this is a very family-friendly movie. Like I would take my family to see it, which is kind of a departure from the movies that you’ve made in the past. Are you actively trying to make more family-friendly movies, something that your family could see in the future?

VV : You know, I don’t know if I would say I’m actively doing it. I think this was nice, ’cause it was kind of a return to doing more grounded performances, which I used to do and not so broad. So, that was exciting. And I do think the time in my life kind of particularly made me excited about investigating parenthood and also partnership I think is important, too. You know, I think the best thing you can do as a father for your kid is to love the mom in that it shows him what a good relationship should be.

There’s so much teaching that’s not really downloading information that’s just by example. It gives ‘em harmony in the house. And so, it’s, it’s interesting for, for Cobie’s character and my character to kind of figure out, you know, how they see each other, what are the expectations, ’cause I find relationships to really be about communicating and expectations, you know. What, what do you expect the other person to do and how do you communicate so that you’re both understanding what those expectations are, ’cause once you start breaking expectations and if you’re not understanding what the other person wants, then trust can, can get broken.

So, I think it’s interesting that, you know, my character kind of comes to a place of accepting who he is. I can’t be someone I’m not, you know, but I love this kid and I love you, so let’s start from that place. But how do we then — how do we kind of figure out, um, how we’re gonna do this figure, and that’s the thing with parenting, I think.

“Q” About connecting.

VV : Yeah, you have to figure out how do you each allow each other to follow what they wanna do. And you’re gonna have to be good at communicating and doing things, you know. And so, I think it’s an important journey.

Like before in the birth of this child, there really kind of … in a different kind of way, and, yes, they’re not, you know, together and that stuff, but it’s something he’s excited about. And she is. And I do think you look at your life and your life becomes secondary at that point, you know, once a kid becomes in the picture. It’s nice for your life to be about something different.

So, I think that’s part of the journey as a parent is, uh — at least my experience was, is, well, you know, how — who am I within this and how do I communicate with the other person? What’s the win-win? How do me and my wife both get what we want. And, you know, it’s just learning better skills at something that you’re not really — you know, you’ve never done before.

Q: What kind of gifts you would ask for Father’s Day from your 533 kids?

VV: Gosh, I would really hit ‘em up for some stuff; right? maybe if you got 533 kids, you can ask for a Father’s Day alone. “I love you guys so much this is my day. No one talk to me.” ‘Cause 533 would be a lot of conversations.

Q: So having filming this and having, I guess, 534 kids now — does that affect how many kids you want in your family?

VV: I’m open to more kids. My wife has informed me that why someone is breastfeeding that’s not a conversation.

I was away filming and we were Skyping. And we don’t have any help. It’s just me and her and we feel fortunate that we’re able to be in that situation, so but a lot falls on her when she’s breastfeeding.

And, you know, yeah, we were away, and I said this is great. And I said, well, it’s great to have each other and maybe we — you never know. We’ll have one more. She said you cannot bring that up. But I don’t know. On some level I feel like I I started older in life, and so when you do start to do the math in your head, let’s say, like for me, it was a big deal when I finally were able to beat my parents in something, but these kids will be killing me pretty quick here, because…

I’m older than when my dad was when he started, but, I’m open to having more — I don’t know if you plan it. You know, um, we’ll kinda see what happens, but, uh, I’m really thankful for the two kids that I have, and if another kid comes along, I would be, I would be thrilled for sure.

Vince was kind enough to take a photo with some of us after the interview too!

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Delivery Man opens in theaters on November 22, 2013

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