Keeping my toes toasty with @Vornado, it’s more than a space heater.

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This Vornado is more than your average space heater, it’s a whole room air circulator! This is a very good thing. You see, when my husband and I bought out house in May, one of the first things we did was rip up a majority of our carpets to install hardwood floors. This also meant removing the  ducting that went into our living room since our intention is to install a new HVAC system.

Best laid plans.

Right now, it’s out of our budget, which means we didn’t have heat in our living room, which is our main family area. So now what? I didn’t want to cut into our new walnut stained bamboo floors just for the winter. So I did some research. I remembered having a Vornado space heater some years ago when I didn’t have heat in one of my rooms when I first moved to Seattle years ago.

I reached out to them on Twitter and found that they’ve come along way since their average space heater days. There new heaters are just as compact and efficient, and actually can warm my 12×24 living room, just by heating and moving the air. It’s impressive!

The digital controls are so easy to read and use, and I really like that  can not only see the ambient temperature of the room, but also set it to maintain a temperature of my liking.

You might expect it to heat the air directly in front of you ( I did too when I first tried it) but you’ll find it actually warms the air around. It’s pretty dang cool.

The Vornado® TVH500 Heater is child and pet friendly. The grills are designed to not allow small fingers inside, it will shut off when it turns over, and best of all, when the kitten decides to be a heat miser and sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT, it will turn off! Sad for the kitten, good for us!

I’m really impressed with the Vornado® TVH500 Heater and love it’s sleek design – it keeps me warm and it looks good, and you can’t beat that!

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The TVH 500 Features:

• Vortex Technology: Circulates warm air throughout the whole room.
• Whisper-Quiet Operation
• Timer: With auto shut-off in one hour intervals up to nine hours
• Energy Saving: By heating the room you’re in, not the whole house

Multi-Level Safety Features:
• Metal Construction: Fire resistant and cool to the touch.
• Tight Grill Spirals: Resist curious fingers.
• Automatic Tip-Over Protection: Heater shuts off if it is tipped over.
• Automatic Safety Shut-Off System: Designed to prevent overheating.
• Ideal Exit Air Temperature: Same as the exit air in most central air heating systems.
• Wide Base: To maximize stability.
• Grounded 3-Prong Heavy-Duty Power Cord.
• Illuminated Indicator Light: Serves as a visible reminder that the heater is on.
• Non-Glowing, Thermostatically Controlled Heat Element: Safer and longer lasting.

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Disclosure: I received a Vornado® TVH500 Heater in exchange for this post. All opinions and experiences here are my own. As with any electrical appliance, please make sure you read all manufacturer’s directions before use.

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