WellieWishers Worm Cups: An American Girl Inspired Recipe

Have you met the WellieWishers from American Girl yet? They are a sweet and silly group of girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend. You may have remembered we shared about them earlier this summer.

The verdict is in! We love the new line of dolls so much! Thanks to American Girl, WellieWishers are now part of our family, we now have two WellieWishers, Ashlyn and Willa. She definitely still loves her big American Girls dolls, but these younger sister versions are the perfect size for her to tote around and play with. There’s just so cute, they’re hard to resist.

Ever since we were introduced to the WellieWishers, Quincy and I have been enjoying reading a chapter or two each night from their new chapter books featuring Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille! We’re both hoping there will be more than 5 books – the ones that represent each doll because we’ve read 3 of them! The books will be available in September. Quincy adores the stories, and we love looking at the activity suggestions in the back of the books!

Willa’s book had a fun suggestion to make dirt cups, using gummy worms and pudding! Our WellieWisher Worm cups, are just like the ones in the book. Almost. We changed things up a bit – the book used graham crackers instead of chocolate cookies. They are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find!
Make these WellieWishers Worm Cups, inspired by American Girl

WellieWishers Worm Cups

Ingredients & Supplies You Will Need
• 1 15-ounce package chocolate sandwich cookies (go big – get the double stuffed!)
• 1 3.9-ounce package chocolate instant pudding
• 2 cups milk
• 4 ounces whipped topping (NOT the stuff in the can!)
• Lots of gummy worms
• 8 clear plastic cups and spoons

To make the worm cups
1. Place the chocolate sandwich cookies in a large plastic bag and make sure it’s sealed. Use a rolling pin to crush them into small pieces. This is your dirt. Having different size pieces will make it look more “real” Don’t worry about the filling of the cookies, it just adds to the yumminess.

2. Prepare your pudding according to package directions, and let set for 5 minutes.

3. Fold in the whipped topping using a spatula and approximately half of the cookie crumbs. Don’t worry about getting it exact!

4. Stir it all together carefully until no whipped topping streaks remain.

5. Using an ice cream scoop, divide the pudding mixture evenly between eight plastic cups.

6. Add 3 or 4 gummy worms in each cup, so the are partially stuck in the pudding mixture and hanging over the cup.

7. Top each cup with the remaining cookie piece, taking care not to cover the worms completely, this will make your dirt.

8. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Quincy and her WellieWishers

Stay tuned for a fun craft post this fall with our WellieWishers! I’m definitely putting the WellieWishers playhouse on Quincy’s Christmas list to encourage her to keep following her dreams!

We love the WellieWishers playhouse!

More about WellieWishers and why they are perfect for the younger American Girl fan. These dolls are vinyl from head to toe- no cloth body means easier to clean. Fixed eyes. – This is advantage because eyes that open and closed may be damaged by a younger child. Easier to style, shorter hair. They are also about half the cost of the traditional American Girl doll, making them a wonderful starter doll that they can learn to take care of.

If you live near an American Girl store, you should definitely go in and meet the WellieWishers for yourself. Make sure you check their playhouse too, it’s the cutest! If you have time, have a quick bite to eat in the cafe too, you can even take your dollies!

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