What bugs are you afraid of?

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I'm not really AFRAID of any bugs, but there sure are bugs I'm not a fan of. I'll be honest with you, spiders give me the heebie jeebies, even though they are good because they are pest control. But more than anything, I'm not a fan of bees and wasps. Honey aside, I just don't like them. Maybe it's how many times I've been stung or maybe it's hearing about these giant wasps in places like Japan and South America, but I'm just not a lover of them.

The fact is, bees and wasps can be a real problem. Not to long ago my husband was doing some yard work and pulling up some weeds and old bushes. He was cutting out an old root ball when suddenly he was swarmed by yellow jackets. Not good. Luckily he had on long pants and gloves but the stings could have been a lot worse than they were. And luckily, he's not allergic to their stings or it could have been bad.

Now we have some preventative measures just in case it happens again. We have benadryl in the house, we wear gloves when we garden, and we also have hopefully taken care of that yellow jacket nest with some spray.

The friendly honeybee who pollenates our flowers? He may come and go as he pleases, but the yellow jackets that swarm and sting and invade my picnic? No thank you.

Photo by Danielle Simmons, used with permission

But I realize not everyone is comfortable treating the world’s scariest bugs themselves. And in that case, it's good to call the professionals, like Orkin.

Do you have bugs you're afraid of? Do you ignore them? Get rid of them? Call pest control? If it's calling pest control, call Orkin. Be sure to check out Orkin Ecologist site – it's a fantastic educational resource (for both novice and experienced) science lovers! Maybe you'll find that those bees aren't so scary!

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  1. spiders…terrified of spiders! lol

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