What to Pack for Sleepaway Camp

This helpful list of what to pack for sleepaway camp is sponsored by MyIR.

Wondering what to pack for sleepaway camp? I hope you find this list useful!

If your kids are headed to sleepover camp this summer, chances are that you’ve been sent a list of things they can and cannot bring to camp. Make sure you look over it carefully, even if your children have gone to the same camp the previous summer.

If you HAVEN’T gotten packing list for summer camp yet, I’ve put this list together for you, along with some other tips along the way.

Obviously this list varies by how long your child is going to camp, and where they are going. Some camps supply more things than others. – Don’t forget to factor in laundry while packing clothing.
When I attended summer camp back in the 1980s (eeep) we packed everything in trunk. Your child may choose to do the same, or perhaps a cool suitcase. Some camps may have dressers for your child to use.

Remember to label all things with your child’s name. EVERYTHING. Lots of water bottles, sleeping bags, and even flip flops look alike.

Most camps may ask for proof of immunizations, especially things like tetanus. This is for your child’s safety. You can easily access your child’s immunization records on MyIR, a secure service that actually stores vaccine records online for your whole family. It doesn’t hurt to print out a copy of their records and send them along with them to camp.

Helpful list of what to pack for sleepover camp

    o Bandanna/scarf and/or hat
    o Glasses/contacts and cleaning solution – plus extra cases!
    o Prescription medication (be sure to send appropriate documentation)
    o Sunglasses
    o Swim goggles
    o Swimsuit (check policies on style)
    o Flashlight and extra batteries
    o Light jacket or sweatshirt for cooler days and evenings
    o Raingear and/or umbrella
    o Camp clothes (shirts, shorts, jeans etc)
    o Underwear
    o Pajamas or similar to sleep in
    o Flip flops and/or water shoes
    o Shoes plus an extra pair
    o Socks
    o Bedding or sleeping bag — check with your camp checklist for what, if any, to bring for bedding
    o Towels (at least two)
    o Shower caddy
    o Comb or brush, plus hair accessories
    o Deodorant
    o Feminine hygiene products if needed
    o Bug repellant (non aerosol)
    o Lip balm with SPF
    o Shampoo and conditioner
    o Soap (don’t forget the plastic box)
    o Waterproof Sunblock
    o Toothbrush, toothbrush container, and toothpaste
    o Camera (check with your camp!)
    o Laundry bag (white mesh with a zipper for washing with clothes inside)
    o Reusable water bottle (no glass)
    o Pre-addressed stamped envelopes, plus some extras.
    o Small amount of cash for camp store (check with camp policies)
    o Books, a deck of cards etc
    o Small backpack for day-trips
    o Things to remind them of home: photos etc

Specialty things to pack for camp

o Horse back riding Long pants for riding or Jods; Heeled shoes with a 1/2″ heel (must be closed toe and closed heel; no tennis shoes, sneakers, hiking boots etc)
o Supplies for water sports – check with your camp.

What Not to Bring to Summer Camp

Many camps have policies about electronics and valuables. Camp is a retreat to get in touch with yourself, your surroundings and others.

Valuable items that could get lost, stolen or damaged such as cell phones, cameras, radios, expensive watches, jewelry, iPads, personal music players, headphones, video games and other electronic devices should not be packed for camp. Weapons of any kind obviously don’t belong at camp.

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