What’s a #BlogHer11 attendee to do without her Internet at La Quinta??

I had good intentions of writing a fashion post yesterday of the cute clothes Cristi (Motherhood Unadorned) and I found on Sunday…

Then on Monday afternoon my landlord said that some work needed to be done in the crawl space of our place (busted drainpipe – not pretty) so we’d have to relocate to a hotel on Tuesday morning. I told him as long as it was clean, had free wi-fi and a frig, we would be okay.

Ok, first of all, there is this huge shortage of hotel rooms in the greater Seattle metro area. I’m talking SouthCenter to Lynnwood, and also including the Eastside (Bellevue, Issaquah etc) Like 99.9% of the hotels seemed to be booked. My landlord finally found us a room at the La Quinta in Lynnwood.

I probably got to the hotel around 11 am yesterday morning. The non smoking room smelled suspiciously of stale cigarettes. Like, not recent, but not more than say a few months old. I promptly opened the window. Aside from the stalish smoke smell, the room was dated, but pretty clean.

Since I had a conference call at 1, I figured I had time to head to Target to get some snacks to tide me over until dinner.

Target is evil. But y’all know that.

I get back to my room at about 12:40pm and boot up the laptop. Go to access the wifi. It’s like crickets. Call the front desk. Girl (I think her name was Jenny?) tells me it’s my computer settings. I tell her no, I can see 4 networks for La Quinta and none of them are active.

I wait.

I try again. I see one bar on one of the networks and go for it. Ha. Firefox loads, than laughs at me. I call the front desk a second time. She seems indifferent. I explain that I still don’t have internet (As they advertise) and that if it’s not resolved I will have to go to another hotel (and empty threat mind you, there were NO OTHER HOTELS) and she says she will reboot the router.

Considered buying my 3G service for my iPad for about 10 minutes.

Right before 1pm I get enough signal to check my email and load Firefox. Check Facebook. It might as well be dial-up. If anyone saw me online yesterday around lunch, you know I am much quicker in my response time.

Have conference call – I’ll be making an announcement next week that is really really awesome! Sooo excited.

So now I have a napping baby, hotel cable (joke) and pretty much dial-up internet. I found that if I held my laptop at a certain angle the signal was a little bit better. Tried chatting with my graphics designer on Facebook about my @getuncommon iPhone case and found it was easier to call her. Spent a few hours painfully playing on Twitter and reading the Mom Spark forum.

Hubby came over with son and we went to Red Robin (YUM) for dinner. Came back to, guess what, NO INTERNET. Called the front desk. Got some guy this time (no name) and he says.. get this “Do you get it in the lobby?”  I say, “Well that sort of defeats the purpose of complimentary inroom internet doesnt it?” he says “Yeah we’ve had a number of calls, I’ll reboot the router”

I step out into the hallway with my laptop (to go down to the front desk to show the guy I am not crazy and BOOM INTERNET. Are you ff”n kidding me?

At the front desk, I show him the lack of signal (it had died off again by the time I got there) and he was again like “Yeah, our tech guy was just here blah blah blah) I point out again that it’s REALLY inconvenient to not have Internet, that I am there because my house is under repair and I can’t work without it. No I’m sorry, nothing, just “I’ll reboot the router”

Yeah, thanks for the lack of customer service and crappy Internet. I got about 10% of my work done because my connection literally dropped every 5 minutes. That’s not really what I call free wireless Internet in all rooms. I call it “You might get lucky with wi-fi”

Did I mention that La Quinta has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you aren’t happy and they can’t/don’t fix it. Yup. They do.

So what’s a blogger do? They write a blog post and tweet about it.

Twitter La Quinta

How about that 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Needless to say, my fashion post didn’t get done. Add insult to injury, the drain is no longer spewing all over my crawl space but now that tub is backing up. Seriously? I can’t even have Calgon take me away.

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  1. are you ok? because seriously, I get the shakes when I can’t get my internet. : )


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