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When do you keep a child home from school #ZarbeesCough #MC®

With it being cold and flu season, when do you keep a child home from school? I sent Sebby to school yesterday, and he seemed fine. A little snotty, but fine. I had a ton to do, and really didn’t think he was full blown sick. First on my to do was that I was supposed to participate in a Google + Hangout to chat about blogging conferences. About 15 minutes before the chat started, I got a call from my son’s school. He had a mild fever of 100.7 and I had to come pick him up. There goes my day, out the window. All of the errands and work I had planned were shot.

As we all know, the thing that sucks about most illnesses is people are generally contagious way before symptoms even show up. Which means Sebby was sharing his cooties way before his snotty nose appeared. Super helpful right? And it’s not like we can just keep a child home from school during the entire cold and flu season.

When do you keep a child home from school?


With a sick day on our hands, I need to find ways to help Sebby feel better. Jammies, warm blankets, chicken soup are all a start. But what about something to relieve his actual symptoms? So many of the over the counter products are full of things that I don’t want him to have. So I’m on the hunt for more natural cold remedies. Zarbee’s Naturals products are drug-free, dye-free and gluten-free. The thing I like about natural remedies is they don’t just mask symptoms.

I think part of the problem with them is that if I doped Sebby up on a bunch of chemicals, they would have just worn off when he was at school – he would feel cruddy AND maybe gotten some of his friends sick in the process because he was still contagious. That’s just not fair to anyone!

In addition to natural cold remedies like Zarbee’s, we also use ibuprofen because not only does it reduce fevers but it’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it helps with secondary infections too. With children over the age of one, you can also give a teaspoon of honey. Honey does amazing things to help with coughs and sore throats. And not that Sebby will let me, but one of my favorite things to combat the snot are saline nasal sprays. They really help get those passageways clear.

Remedies aside, when you keep your child home from school, the best thing you can do is make sure they get lots of rest and liquids. Sometimes a warm bath will help too! Sebby loves “chai milk” too, I’ll make him some warm milk with about 25% chai tea. Many chai teas have natural anti-inflammatories so not only does he get a special treat, but it could make him feel better too.



What advice do you have for helping your kids fight colds and the flu?

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  1. Thanks for this information post. I need to share this with my daughters preschool. They actually have a policy which forbids any kind of runny nose – no matter the color. Coughing is not permitted either. At first I used to keep her home always, but then I realized that obviously no one else was doing the same. So I try to give her something before school because otherwise I would have to just un-enroll her and keep her home, ALWAYS. The brand of natural remedy I used seems to have been discontinued for younger children, ages 2-6. Glad to know there are other options out there. There hasn’t been a month that she hasn’t been sick since she started preschool.

  2. We’ve had a ton of snow days this year that have kept kids home from school. We always dress warm and try to stay germ-free.

  3. Being a work from home mom , I am pretty laid back and keep my kids home when they have first signs or getting sick

  4. That’s a good chart to go off of! I usually also go by how my kids are acting. They could have no fever but be acting sick, or they could have a fever and be acting fine! Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  5. This is a cyclical situation. As you said above, a lot of symptoms present themselves AFTER the child is already considered contagious. Compounded with the fact that MOST employer/employee situations in the corporate world frown upon a parent taking time off because of a sick child. Parents on the cusp of whether to they think their child is healthy enough to send to school or into daycare usually err on the side of not taking chances with an unhappy employer and their limited sick days (if they’re lucky to have sick days allotted for family as well as for themselves). And let’s not even go into the poor ventilation system that is in a lot of facilities. Then to top it all off, the parent often winds up sick from the child (or vise versa) and goes into work when THEY should stay home and not spread germs to their fellow employees.

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