Whole Foods Lynnwood opens it’s doors on March 15!

This past Friday, Quincy and I made the trek up to the new Whole Foods in Lynnwood. If you live in Lynnwood and don’t know what I am talking about, it’s on the corner of 196th and Alderwood Mall Boulevard. It was a real treat to get a sneak peek of the new store and meet some of the wonderful people behind the scenes.

It was pretty wild to walk into a Whole Foods that was packed, but not of customers. Employees were everywhere. Stocking shelves, studying products, preparing lunch for the days crew.

I’m closet Whole Foods shopper. In the past, I’ve always gone in for very specific items because if I don’t stick to my list I get carried away.  You know, go in for a gallon of milk and some apples, and come out with a gallon of milk, apples, cheese, wine, and a carton of chocolate covered coconut macaroons. It’s easy to understand why. The selection at Whole Foods is outstanding, and I love how many local products they carry.

And I love their bulk department. Buying in bulk is the way to go, you get EXACTLY what you need, so there is no waste, and there are no containers, so it’s typically more cost effective. (Don’t worry, the honey will be stocked by March 15th)

Not only is Whole Foods the first nationally certified organic grocer in the US, you will never find foods with artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats. EVER.

You’ll find lots and lots of local foods, wines and beers thanks to, Denise, their local forager. Denise travels through the Pacific Northwest in search of amazing discoveries for the local stores. I want her job. You can read more about Denise at thelocalforager.com

Aside from getting to sample some really yummy cheese (a weakness of mine) I found out that there are over 200  varieties of beer and over 450 wines, many of them found locally, so it’s pretty obvious that you will find what you are looking for.

It was pretty strange to see an EMPTY seafood and meat department, but we were assured it would be fully stocked for the grand opening. Seafood and meat are the most perishable items in the store, so this makes perfect sense! Whole Foods Lynnwood also has an in-house butcher, and there will always be someone there to answer your questions about how to prepare your steak or salmon (or more)

I also learned something really awesome about Whole Foods. A gallon of their 365 brand organic milk is about $1-2 cheaper PER GALLON (depending on where you get your milk) I was told that they actually take a price hit on the milk because they want people to drink organic milk. Love it. $3.99 for a gallon of organic milk? Sign me up!

You’re probably familiar with the prepared foods department at Whole Foods, and the one at Lynnwood has something new. As part of their Health Starts Here program they have a new section called Greens, Beans & Grains. It’s going to offer some really delicious choices that you can just grab and go!

Quincy was beside herself by the end of the tour, we were in the bakery and she wanted a cookie! Whole Foods offers both gluten free and vegan items in the bakery, and like so many of their other items in the prepared foods department, much of it is prepared in house.

As part of their grand opening ceremony on March 15 at 8am, Whole Foods will be cutting eight-foot long sourdough bread as part of the festivities. Shoppers will be welcomed in the store at 9am and the first 100 visitors to the store will receive a free baguette to symbolize the bread breaking. Grand opening festivities will also include music from the Lynnwood High School band, free coffee and breakfast, family-friendly activities and vendors on hand to provide samples and information about their products.

In addition, you can schedule store tours, try new cheeses, bring the kids in for fun and more. Check out the store calendar for more information.

I participated in a private tour of Whole Foods and received a bag of goodies. No other compensation was received and the opinions here are my own.

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