19 Things You Should Have or Know How to Do Now That You’re An Adult

19 Things You Should Have or Know How to Do Now That You're An Adult
News flash: Graduating from school doesn’t mean you’re an adult. Neither does being of legal age. The fact is, many of us fail at this thing called “adulting” Thanks to MyIR for sponsoring fun list of things you should know now that you’re an adult.

Think you’re an adult? Think again… You should have or know…

1. How to sew
You really don’t want to not be able to wear your favorite shirt because it’s missing a button do you? At the very least, learn how to replace a button, do a basic hem stitch and darn a hole. In a pinch, a safety pin will save a hem, actually so will tape. Next time you’re at one of those fancy hotels that has a sewing kit with the little shampoos, grab it, you’ll thank me later. And never ever use your fabric scissors on paper. Ever.
Sewing accessories and fabric close-up

2. Dress clothes
It’s not just about setting the bar at work, or needing to making an impression at a presentation or interview, it’s every wedding, funeral and other event where you need to look put together and competent. You know, an adult.

3. A Filing system
It doesn’t do you any good to pay your bills on time If you can’t prove it of something goes array. Set up a good filing system for bills, contracts, payslips and other important documents. You’ll be ready for the one day you are asked at one specific piece of paper you got four years ago, and you’ll be glad you set up a system.

4. Tools
A screwdriver, a wrench, a cordless drill and drill bits, a hammer, a plunger – you should, at a minimum own all of these things. Not only that, but you need to know how to use them. Keeping your cordless drill charged is a good start. It will save you money someday.

5. First aid kit
Whether it’s a bad headache, an allergy attack or an unexpected cut, you should always have a basic first aid kit. Make sure to keep medications ina cool dry place and keep an eye on expiration dates. It may come in handy for you or a house guest.

6. Know how to change a tire or jump start a car
While it’s not a bad idea to belong to the auto club, or have auto services added to your car insurance, it’s smart to know how to do a few basics like changing a tire or jump starting a car. Make sure you know how to use the jumper cables properly or you’ll end up ruining both batteries – potentially leaving both parties stranded Of course, if you happen to blow that tire on the freeway, you’re better off staying in your car and calling highway patrol.

7. A good knife
I’m not talking about a pocket knife, which may be governed by city or state laws, but a good cooking knife. Everyone should have one solid knife that can slice, chop, fillet, peel. You should be able to dice shallots or slice a watermelon, among other things.

8. How to open a bottle of wine
No more college parlor tricks. Put the knife down and get yourself a wine service set with a nice corkscrew – not the cheap plastic one you stole from a hotel. You’re an adult now.

Girl opening wine with teeth

9. One good pan
Everyone needs one good skillet. Beyond your favorite recipe you can you can use it as a baking tray or for making pizza.

10. A go-to recipe
Everyone should have a handful of recipes – simple or complicated – that they can knock out of the park. Whether you’re going to a potluck or having a dinner in your own home, you can’t always rely on the ham & cheese tray from the grocery store.

11. Organized finances
Have an emergency fund. It will save you some stress. Also, it’s time to hire an accountant to set up IRAs and do your taxes. Always have cash on hand for emergencies and unexpected incidentals. Whether it’s a tip for the pizza guy, a bribe for the baby sitter or paying for gas because the credit card machine at the pump is down, cash is good to have.

Male hand putting a coin into piggy bank

12. Homeowners or renters insurance
Protect your stuff. It’s that simple. Things happen and it’s better to pay a deductible than lose everything. If you own, your bank likely requires it, and in many leases, your landlord does too.

13. A real email address
Please. FluffyBunny78@aol.com is NOT a real email address.

14. Good luggage
Everyone should have one amazing carryon bag AND know how to pack it efficiently.

15. Resume/Cover letter
You might find yourself looking for job, so it’s good to know how to write a good resume and cover letter that is tailored to the job you want. And you don’t want to be sending it from FluffyBunny78@aol.com either.

16. How to report an emergency
I’m shocked constantly that people don’t know the non-emergency number for their local police. Put it in your phone, and on the fridge. Don’t tieup 911 with noise complaints, but then again, know when you should call 911 as well.

17. Good sheets
I never really got the whole good sheets and towels thing until I worked in fine linens. Now I get it. You sleep in your bed how many hours of your life? Please just invest in good sheets. They are worth every penny.
Luxury sheets on a bed
18. Keeping track of medical records
Whether it’s having your primary care doctor’s number programed into your phone, keeping on top of your annual medical tests, or just having access to your immunization records online using a service like MyIR, being an adult means keeping track of your health.

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