Ziploc® brand Makes It Easy to Pack Lunches

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Ziploc® brand Makes It Easy to Pack Lunches #iZiplocBackToSchool #AD

In just under a month, Sebby and Quincy head back to school.  For the past two years, I’ve packed Sebby’s lunch for him instead of him buying a lunch at school. Now that Quincy is going to be in kindergarten, I’m developing a system for easy to pack lunches.

Snacks for lunch #ZiplocBackToSchool #AD

My thought was to take foods that they love and portion them out in Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack bags with Easy Open Tabs, so all the kids have to do is grab the bags and put them in their lunchboxes themselves. The different sizes make it easy to pay attention to portion control too, which I really like, especially when it comes to snacks. I won’t place pretzels or cookies in Ziploc® brand Sandwich bags with Easy Open Tabs to keep their portions small for these snacks.

Should be simple right? My first step in easy-to-pack lunches was creating a simple system. For non-perishable foods, I cleared out a drawer in the kitchen and designated it ONLY for lunch items. I did this so it would be separate from their regular snacks. It also meant I could put special school lunch-only items in that drawer.  I also have individual  bins for Sebby and Quincy, so they don’t take each others snacks.

Snack organization #ZiplocBackToSchool #AD

I also put a bin in our refrigerator for things like sandwiches, apple slices, grapes and other items I want to keep cold.  While I mostly use Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack bags with Easy Open Tabs for my perishable items, sometimes I’ll use Ziploc® brand Containers with One Press Seal if I am packing something I don’t want to get squished in their lunch. Hey, they are elementary school kids, the squish is going to happen.

Packing Lunch with Ziploc® Brand #ZiplocBackToSchool #AD

I’m super excited about getting them involved in making easy-to-pack lunches without handing over complete control. Mostly because I don’t want banana pieces smashed into my cupboard doors or peanut butter smeared everywhere. (Side note, we don’t send nuts in our school lunches to keep our friends safe!) Sebby is probably going to need some convincing, but Quincy should love it. Especially because she won’t know any different. It’s a win for me.

Lunch prep in the frig #ZiplocBackToSchool #AD

I chose to use Ziploc® brand bags because they have new Easy Open Tabs-the same quality expected from Ziploc® brand, but with an added tab, making them easy to grip and open. That’s perfect for my kids.

As an added bonus, there is a great special on Ziploc® brand products at my local QFC just in time for the start of the school year. This offer should be available at any Kroger Banner Store!

8/9 to 8/30: $0.50 off regular retail price on:

o   Ziploc® brand Sandwich bags with Easy Open Tabs 40ct

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o   Ziploc® brand Snack bags with Easy Open Tabs 90ct

What systems do you have in place for easy to pack lunches? Are you using Ziploc® brand in your back to school routine?

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